I guarantee satisfaction or you don’t pay anything!

The current hourly rate is $100 per hour.

Hourly rate includes equipment and tech operator, for all hours spent directly on your project. This could include site walk through, A/V system design, phone or email consultations, set up time, breakdown time, & post production editing.

Out of town fees are $400/day/person minimum.

If you cancel or re-schedule a session with less than 24 hours notice, you are still responsible for the cost of that session.

I always negotiate in good faith and depending on your budget, our schedule and the type of project, I will consider doing a set project fee.

In certain cases, I use a revenue sharing model, where I will produce your project for less money up front, in exchange for a percentage of the profits later.

For large video projects, I ask that you also provide the hard drives necessary to store the footage, or pay for the cost of them, if you want your footage saved after the project is completed.  HD & UHD Video footage is approximately 1GB per minute, per camera.

I usually do not charge for computer render time, but some larger projects involve lengthy render times, in which case we would want to charge a pre-negotiated amount.