Way back when, the phone company had a very clever marketing slogan, “the next best thing to being there.” But today, nothing brings an idea or experience to life like video. And with technology such as high definition, green screens and motion graphics, the limit of what can be produced has expanded beyond imagination, so that people can capture and express the essence of their story and communicate it to others as if they are there.

Synoptic Productions provides High Definition video production and a full range of post-production services. We utilize HD cameras, professional lighting systems, a junior jib, and a green screen to help create and produce the best possible production from start to finish. But even with all the amazing technological tools available today, it’s still people, not machines, that are the real key to success and our relationships with my clients are essential elements in that process. I believe in good people doing great work and having a good time doing it.

When you combine technology and skill with communication and personality, the sky is the limit. Actually, using green screen, make that the galaxy.