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Michael Gerber, author of many best selling books, including “The E-Myth”, and creator of “In The Dreaming Room”.

Alex Mandossian, CEO MarketingOnline.com

Chet Holmes, producer of the feature film, “In The Name of the King”, world renowned marketing consultant, CEO of “Chet Holmes International”, author of the bestselling book “The Ultimate Sales Machine, partner with Tony Robbins, and featured speaker at the “Ultimate Business Mastery Seminar”.

Jenny Terry, CEO Speak To Me Events

Susan Bratton, CEO Personal Life Media

Carter C.C. Collins, Percussionist, formerly with Stevie Wonder, and many others.

Steve Sisgold, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Musician, and Coach

Betty Louise, Internet Radio Show Host for “Women On Air”

David Russell, Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur

Tim Toquinto, Musician, Composer

Tom Holmes, Musician, Performer, Producer/Engineer, Studio Owner

Amanda Holmes