Lloyd Minthorne Brief Bio

Thanks for visiting my site!  Now, let me tell you a little bit about me, with a brief overview of my background, skills and goals.

My entree into media production came via my early passion for music, which was followed by my formal educational training.  This led to a career as a professional musician and audio engineer and opening my own company, Synoptic Sounds.

With the advent of high definition video, I made a natural evolution into video production, changing the company name to Synoptic Productions.  Based on my skills and background, I knew that I could add considerable value to video projects, plus, I love working with the latest state of the art equipment, which opens up all kinds of creative opportunities.

In addition to the technical side, I’m what you call a people person.  I’ve found that when people feel good, & have a great experience, then the resulting audio/visual production also reflects that.