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“Just Visiting Planet Earth”

A Rock Odyssey By Lloyd Minthorne

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Released on November 1st, 1999

Set in the rock genre, “Just Visiting Planet Earth” takes the listener on a journey through the experience we all have of being born, living, and dying on this planet we call the Earth. The journey begins before birth, and goes beyond death into the afterlife. Each song portrays different stages of life and different experiences that people might have.

The first song, “Creation”, speculates on what we were before we were born, and attempts to re-unify the forces of love and sexuality with spirituality and the creation of life.

The second song, “Birds N’ Bees”, is about awakening to our sexuality, and how powerfully compelling, and mysteriously beautiful this force can be.

The third song, “Journey”, is about understanding and accepting the physical realities and limitations of being alive in a body, and making the best of it.

The fourth song, “Alien”, is about feeling “in the world”, but not “of the world”, or feeling like a stranger in a strange land, who hasnít really found a home yet.

The fifth song, “Victims Of Greed”, is about how human greed has damaged so many peopleís lives, and how the quality of our lives is more important than the things we accumulate.

The sixth song, “Visions”, is about the common desire to improve our world, and how we can create our future together through mutual desires.

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The seventh song, “Listen”, is about expanding our awareness, and how the process of realizing the truth about certain things can be enlightening but also frightening.

The eighth song, “Metamorphosis”, is about transformation and maturation, on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, and how we can all blossom from within to become something better than we were before.

The ninth song, “Hold On To Your Dreams”, is a song of hope, about not giving up on our dreams, and how we are not fully living our lives if we do.

The tenth song, “Deja-Vu”, is about feeling like weíve been here before, or meeting someone for the first time who you feel like youíve known for a long time, and it makes us wonder about the nature of time itself.

The eleventh song, “Consequences”, speculates on the afterlife, and reflects on what weíve done with our lives while weíre alive and the consequences weíve created or experienced.

The twelfth song, “Creation Reprise”, the end of the journey, is very much the same as the beginning, and lets us wonder if the end is only another beginning.